Ultimate Swag

Today's definition of swag is an attitude, a confidence, a way of carrying yourself that says, 'I got this,' 'I run this' and 'Can't nobody hold me down.'

Desire that kinda swag if you want, just know that there's a higher Swag, an Ultimate Swag, that's been around for thousands of years. A Swag with a capital S that was rocked, and is still rocked, by one man the way no one else ever has.

Who was/is that? His name is Jesus, aka The Son of Man, The Lamb, The Christ and "I Am"...,,

And He loves  you so much and had so much Swag that He allowed himself to be killed for sinners like us that He never even met here on earth. He suffered, died and rose again to forgive ALL sins so you could get to heaven.  Wow.

You look up to folks that have swag or want swag yourself? Listen to how Jesus says you can go about getting Swag instead of swag:

John 15:13 says, "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends."

He's not suggesting that you literally die, He's suggesting that you let swag and the pursuit of swag die off - and replace it with the pursuit of His Swag - Ultimate Swag- by serving others in His name.

THAT'S Swag.  In fact, it's  Ultimate Swag.

Whose really got this? Jesus.
Who really runs this? Jesus.
Who REALLY, LITERALLY couldn't be held down? Jesus.
Who's The Man? Jeeesuus!


A large portion of the proceeds will support ministries serving communities world-wide!
Ultimate Swag
New York Jets Linebacker Josh Mauga repping Christ, and his team, in Green Swag.(top left)
Wedding planner for the stars, Mikie Russo repping Him & looking fab in his Navy Blue Ultimate Swag tee! (top right)

Ultimate Swag

Amanda Mauga sporting a blue scoop neck tee. (top right)
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